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The backbone of the Nishkam Initiatives

Nishkam Sahaj Sewa is the basic mode of field operations of all Nishkam Initiatives. Unlike many organizations that serve people through hired employees or paid volunteers, we solely depend on people in community to come forward to donate their time and provide their services to the programmes organized by Nishkam Foundation and its collaborating organizations. We do so in keeping with our philosophy of ensuring mental health of the community- by the community through empowering people for mental health.

At present our programmes - Mukti Campaign and Community Mental Health Campaign are managed by the community volunteers. In Community Mental health Campaign about 100 volunteers from Sangaria and nearby villages and student volunteers of National Service Scheme of local Government Senior Secondary School have sustained intensive mental health awareness, capacity building and service activities for last seven years. Mukti Campaign, a unique humanitarian initiative of Nishkam Foundation owes its success to more than 100 dedicated volunteers in Block Level Nishkam Mukti Teams and the Mukti Care Teams in four districts of North Rajasthan and one district in Haryana where the programme is currently operative.

Do not get surprise to know that 99% of volunteers are unpaid volunteers. They donate their time without any monetary or non-monetary gains. The spirit of volunteerism is service with Sahaj Nishkam Bhav which means selfless (Nishkam) Service (Sewa) carried out spontaneously (Sahaj). Sahaj Nishkam Bhav Sewa is to be rendered Yathayogyata (as per qualification), yathakshamata (as per capabilities) and Yathaparisthiti (as per circumstances).

All our volunteers (Nishkam Sewaks as they are known) are well established members of the community, with their individual family, social and occupational responsibilities. While majority of them provide their services for 1-2 days a month, some are more intensively involved in providing leadership to the programmes and serve for 1-2 days a week or even more. The profile of Nishkam volunteers includes farmers, businessmen, teachers, students, recovering patients, psychiatrists and other professionals as well retired government servants. Though the volunteers are requested to use their spare time for the programmes, not infrequently they take leave from their regular work to ensure smooth and undisrupted execution of the ongoing programmes. It is these volunteers that the so called Nishkam Foundation programmes belong to. They are the main force giving momentum to our programmes.

In addition to general community volunteers, qualified psychiatrists (Nishkam Manochikitsak) and doctors (Nishkam Chikitsaks) provide services to the patients and guidance and training to the volunteers. Twelve psychiatrists are involved in providing services in the Mukti programme in five districts. They accompany the volunteers to the villages and hamlets to see the chained mentally ill patients free of charges. Seventeen psychiatrists and doctors have provided their services during various stages of Community Mental Health Campaign. These psychiatrists come from Government as well as private sector.

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