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Nishkam Foundation works with communities to promote and restore mental health of the people. We develop and implement community based innovative interventions and programmes to ensure well-being and social integration of persons with mental illnesses who constitute a highly stigmatised, discriminated, and deprived population subgroup. If your Company has a mandate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under Company Act 2013, partnering with Nishkam Foundation can be a good strategy to meet your CSR objectives. Our activities fall under the category of Healthcare/Promotional Health in the Schedule VII of the Company Act.

The Community Mental Health Campaign launched at Sangaria in 2011 has succeeded in improving help seeking behaviour of people for their mental illnesses in Northern Rajasthan and adjoining areas of Punjab and Haryana. More than 12000 free consultations have been provided at Nishkam mental health consultation camps held monthly at Sangaria. Now the Campaign is all set to extend to many other districts. Programme Mukti launched in 2014 to identify and treat chained mentally ill persons and to reintegrate them into society now covers five districts. It has successfully rehabilitated 70 patients who were chained for periods as long as 25 years. The chained mentally ill persons in our society are the most marginalized, neglected, deprived people living a life worse than animals. We intend to extend the programme to many more areas in North India. The proposed programme Nishkam Swasthya Choupal (NSC) is to aim at enhancing health awareness among rural people following an innovative approach of systematic modification in the 'rural dialogue' on the health-related matters.

We adopt a unique way of engaging with the communities in which communities are not just passive recipient of aids or services, but are actively involved as partners in the planning and implementation of the programmes. Their contribution in terms of community resources such as manpower, space, other logistics matches reasonably with the funding from the donors and significantly brings down the budgetary cost of our programmes. For example, average monetary cost for treating and rehabilitating a chained mentally ill person under Mukti programme works out to be Rs 25000/- for 2 years which is less than the cost of hospitalization of such a patient for one week. Thus the communities engaged by us are as much the providers as the recipient of the services. They are stakeholders of no less rank than the donors or Nishkam Foundation.

You can make a huge impact on the community by partnering with Nishkam Foundation for your CSR mandate. Active community engagement including participation by the recovering mentally ill patients and their families strengthens the concept of inclusive social and community development that your company's CSR policy might envisage. You can partner with us in programme Mukti by adopting one or more districts to liberate and reintegrate all the chained mentally ill people in that district(s). You can collaborate with us to extend community mental health campaign to the geographical areas of your concern. You can help us in Nishkam Swasthay Choupal to start our ambitious journey towards the goal of transforming the way our country brethren talk, think and behave with regards to their health issues.

Nishkam Foundation meets all the statutory requirements that your company might be looking for in a partner NGO under your CSR Policy. We are a registered society under the Registrar of Societies Act, 1861, with a track record of working in the field of mental healthcare since 2011. Nishkam Foundation has registered under Income Tax Act, 1961 under section 12A and section 80G (50% income tax exemptions to the donors). You may decide to partner with us for one or more of our programmes in a geographical area of your concern in North India, specially Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana (the states that we are currently operating in). You may kindly contact us by sending the online form below and we will get back to you to discuss further to develop a joint project with a common goal.

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